Some of the key attributes of a high calibre Clerk of Works:

  • A good general understanding of the specific construction inspection process (in particular around the inspection of materials and workmanship)
  • An understanding of the obligations of all parties (requirements and boundaries)
  • Foresight; i.e. identification of issues/potential issues and the ability to suggest alternative methods or mitigation techniques
  • A focus on quality; promoting right first time initiatives, reducing rework and double handling
  • They are impartial, with a fair, considered and independent approach to ensuring value for money for the client
  • They have an awareness of acceptable standards, benchmarking and identifying non-conformance
  • The ability to produce concise recordings of their findings
  • They will have a professional opinion and make recommendations to alternative approaches and corrective actions
  • Knowledge of construction materials and components, including their use, limitations and possible alternatives
  • An understanding and knowledge of the practical and legal aspects of health and safety
Key Attributes Clerk Of Works