What is a Clerk of Works?

We at Gage-Tupper recognise the importance of an independent third-party Clerk of Works or Site Inspectors function on any construction project to help ensure the client’s interests are protected on their investment. They act as impartial, independent Inspectors and guardians of quality, they can monitor construction work for compliance with specifications and drawings while upholding agreed standards of workmanship.

The cost of employing a Clerk of Works on site should be seen as a good and prudent investment, leading to a reduction in defects with consequent savings in the rectification of these in ways that can facilitate timely completion. Our aim is to work closely with the Contractor to ensure that identified defects are rectified as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delay and potential cost implications.

A Site Inspector can frequently provide, through their regular inspections and photographic records, a more detailed and precise evaluation of the exact state of works and materials on site. This will assist the site team in resolving the many issues that can occur when problems arise.

Clerk Of Works Gage Tupper